Leading Team Scooby-do in the Mystery Gang

Leading Team Scooby-do in the Mystery Gang

Because NewBreed trains teams for multiplication instead of leading a solo hero, this year for Exponential NewBreed will be giving out famous team stickers. These aren’t even your Nana’s stickers. They are stickers with a purpose. They’re stickers about teams, true, but 

they’re also stickers about APEST.

Have you ever wondered about the famous pop culture teams of the last few decades and where the individuals on those teams might fit into the APEST framework?

I have

If you’ve read any of my books, this might not surprise you.

Scooby-Do? Where are you? I may no longer know where Scooby-do is than the theme song, but you could always tell where I was at four o’clock every afternoon before dinner; stuck with the Mystery gang.

Apostle: Fred is an apostle, which annoys me a bit because he’s boring. But he is the entrepreneur of the group and despite his great tie, he has an adventurous spirit and is never afraid to go on the next escapade and do what needs to be done.

Spaeman: Shaggy. You know I’m right.

Evangelist: Scooby-dooby Doo! It doesn’t matter that sometimes people don’t have a clue of “what this nonsense is saying,” as they said of Paul in Athens, but they can also say, “We want to hear more from you on this matter.”

Shepherd: Daphne is always kind.

Well, that’s APEST unmasking for this label…” and we’d get away with it if it weren’t for those meddling kids.”

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Lunch: The Art and Science of Church Planting — Hosted by NewBreed Training

The apostle Paul was an experienced church planter who “laid the foundation like a wise and master builder” and we can learn a lot from his example. Pavel indicated that basic skills and experience are needed to successfully plant a church. 

RSVP: NewBreed Training Lunch Tickets

Day/time: Wednesday, March 8 / 12:30 – 2:00 p.m

Location: Center of the Ministry of Languages ​​- room 112

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