Tips On How To Speak With A Criminal Defence Attorney

7 Tips On How To Speak With A Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges, be sure to hire the best Albuquerque criminal defense attorney. And in order to make the strongest case possible, it’s incredibly important to be clear with them. Doing so may affect your representation and affect your case.

1) Tell your story chronologically

 First, create a journal of events in chronological order so you can accurately tell your story from beginning to end. Jumping around in the timeline will make it difficult for your attorney to understand your situation. Then speak slowly and give details.

2) Include as much detail as possible

 Even small details like the weather can be important.

3) Don’t hide anything

It is important to trust your attorney and share any information, including information that you believe is incriminating. Sharing your information honestly will help them guide you to the best possible outcome.

4) Be calm and rational

Likewise, emotions can get in the way of the practical thinking needed to present a strong argument. 

5) Stay informed

Providing your attorney with a timeline of events related to your case does not end your role. In fact, you need to stay informed about the status of your criminal prosecution. This means asking your attorney about the issues at issue and other important facts.

6) Be patient

Don’t expect results right away. The criminal justice system, including criminal proceedings, takes time. Lawyers also usually have a lot of ongoing cases, so it’s understandable that they don’t immediately respond to your phone calls or emails. Remain patient and polite even when sending a reminder.

7) Inform your lawyer

Keeping up to date with your attorney is just as important as keeping you informed about your case. As previously mentioned, litigation is time-consuming and even the smallest change can dramatically affect your case. The smartest thing you can do is stay in touch with your attorney and update them whenever new information comes to light. After all, they need accurate information if they are to represent you in court.

Being honest with your criminal defense attorney can be a challenge, but doing so will increase your chances of an acquittal. Hopefully, this advice will help you communicate effectively with them to get the best possible outcome.

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