Advertisement | Use, Advantages, Disadvantages Of Advertisement

Advertisement | Use, Advantages, Disadvantages Of Advertisement

The UK Advertisement Association in The Economic Times defined advertising as “a means of communicating with users of a product or service”. Advertisements are therefore created and designed messages with the aim of informing, persuading, and influencing consumers to buy specific goods, products, or services.

Advertising can be the indirect or direct promotion of a brand, and it is constantly in front of our eyes, whether overtly or covertly. 

The film, television, print media (newspapers, magazines, magazines, etc.), radio, internet, direct sales, billboards, mailers, contests, sponsorships, posters, events, contests, etc.

Use of Advertisements

Advertisements must be fully understood and appreciated for their creativity. However, we must think objectively in our minds before we allow ourselves to be persuaded to accept the truth of an advertisement.

It is up to us to understand that Coca-Cola and Pepsi are harmful drinks while Fruit Juice or Lassi is beneficial. It is up to us to understand that potato chips are not healthy, but fruit cups are.

We need to appreciate discounts and offers in supermarkets, but still, be in control of our purchases so that we do not make unnecessary and extravagant purchases or buy impulsively. Advertising can be a boon or a bane depending on our attitude towards its credibility and how we succumb to its charms.

Advantages of advertisements

The advertising industry consists of companies that advertise their products, agencies that conceive and design advertisements, and various media outlets that broadcast or promote the advertisement.

Such a huge booming industry needs a huge number of people like copy editors, visualizers, brand managers, researchers, creative heads, and designers. Advertisements thus create lucrative job opportunities and encourage people’s creativity.

Advertisements are very useful for consumers. They inform us of multiple options and multiple options within a range of products. This information allows us to choose according to our specific needs and within our limited budget. Through advertising, we understand the different options available, the differences in quality, and the different brands in the market.

Advertising increases competition between brands and products. This leads to a greater variety of choices and an expansion of the company’s market share. This in turn increases economic development.

Disadvantages of advertisements

Some ads are false promises and deliberate baits. They mislead consumers into believing that the product is genuine when it is not, thereby misleading consumers into buying it. For example, many shampoo ads show women with long, shiny hair.

These are usually fake computer-generated Photoshop images. However, they are presented so realistically that men and women are tricked into buying inferior products and later suffer hair damage. Effective advertising can thus create a false image of a product and mislead consumers into buying the product.

Ads also create false wishes. People are persuaded to buy products beyond their budget and their needs because they get the impression that it is necessary or that it is available at a bargain price.

For example, people regularly change mobile phones not because they can afford them or because they need it, but because they are convinced by advertisements that the latest model has exactly the features they need.

The influence of advertising on children

Children are very harmed by advertisements. Many cookies promise superpowers, and many energy drinks promise extra strength.

Children try to imitate these superheroes after eating and drinking the advertised products, and many times they have seriously injured themselves. Advertising also makes children aware of a brand and then they insist on buying products of a particular brand even though cheaper substitutes for the same product are available.

For example, kids now prefer to buy Zoop watches from Titan over regular digital watches. Similarly, for clothes, it’s Gini & Jony, United Colors of Benetton, and GAP kids rather than local shops selling cheaper stuff.

Children have receptive minds and are deeply moved by advertisement. This fosters a culture of luxury and leads to a change in lifestyle

The need for advertisements

There is a need to provide the common man with information about various aspects of society and economy, politics, and culture. There are many positive things that can be achieved through advertising. For example, the self-promotion of political parties is an indicator of their success, achievements, and performance over time.

It may not be true, but it can give people fair data – a concrete idea of ​​the work a particular party has done under its regime. Advertisements about scholarships, educational opportunities, and programs are informative and enable the youth of the country to be competitive. Advertisements for financial schemes and investment opportunities can boost economic growth.

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