Cleaning Schedule – which will help you a lot

Cleaning Schedule

Whether you’re a strictly organized person who loves lists, projects, and “checking off” items when they’re done, or you’re more laid-back, planning your cleaning Schedule can have a lot of benefits.

The demands on us can range from work, home life, raising children, social commitments, hobbies, and more – not to mention our efforts to stay in shape.

Studies have shown that our space can have a profound impact on our mental and physical health, so it’s also important to stay on top of cleaning.

It prevents you from being overwhelmed

There are few feelings more tiring than coming home to a mountain of laundry or cleaning or finishing chores, only to find that things are back to how they started a few hours later.

At times like these, it can be easy to get discouraged and even overwhelmed.

Instituting regular cleaning helps prevent this. You know things will be taken care of, even if not right away because you already have some time to handle it. It will also help ensure that nothing ever gets too out of hand as it is dealt with regularly.

We probably know from our own experience that the longer we leave the mess, the bigger it gets. Cleaning procedures help address this problem slowly but surely to keep things manageable.

Minimizes “decision fatigue”

New studies show that everyday decisions come with an energy cost in the brain. What happens when we have too many decisions to make throughout the day, even small ones, is that we can develop “decision fatigue.”

Decision fatigue is exactly what it sounds like. We are simply faced with too many decisions until very little is done in the end.

 If we have already set aside time for cleaning, we don’t have to make the decision again the next day. We already know we have it planned.

Assigning cleaning to a specific day or time that works for us and trying to stick to it reduces the daily tedium of deciding whether or not to clean!

It can be easily delegated

Once you know that, you can share the load. Partners, children, and other family members or roommates can join. You could even consider making it an event with a friend – like returning the favor at home the week after.

Even if you’re doing the cleaning yourself, the schedule ensures that you can spread the work out reasonably throughout the week, so you never end up doing too much.

It becomes a routine

Cleaning can feel like a chore or an unwelcome chore if it’s a distraction.

We could just be settling down for a movie night with friends or a well-deserved rest after work when we notice that the surfaces are dusty, for example.

When we have to get up and start cleaning when we are already tired or had other plans, the process can feel like a punishment. The results we achieve maybe even sloppy.

A cleaning schedule helps ensure that cleaning doesn’t interfere with your free time or otherwise disrupt things. You know when it’s done and you can even treat yourself to a reward afterward!

It’s more efficient

Our time is precious. We want to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time and with minimum effort.

One of the best ways to do this is with professional cleaners, but a cleaning plan can be a great help if you are cleaning yourself.

A cleaning schedule helps ensure that our cleaning is effective. We are less likely to repeat areas or forget when things were last addressed.

We can also use a schedule to keep track of things that only need to be done regularly – like deep cleaning carpets or mattresses.

With a little initial effort, even a simple cleaning schedule can help us stay efficient, effective, and in control.

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