Should we paint our front door and garage door the same color?

Should we paint our front door and garage door the same color?

The front door gets all the glory. They are the face of the home, the place where doormats are rolled out, guests are welcomed and family and friends enter. But the garage door? That’s another story.

But not anymore! Here, we break down how to partner front and garage doors to boost your home’s curb appeal.

Find out if you should match your home’s exterior door, what’s wrong with white, and everything you need to know about choosing a garage door color – straight from the experts.

How to choose a garage door color

No matter what surface you’re painting, choosing a color is often the trickiest part. The possibilities are endless, and that’s not even considering color ideologies that match and complement each other.

From there, he says he has to be careful about sun exposure.

When to match the entrance and garage doors?

So when to match the front door with the garage doors? If you prefer a more muted, neutral front, you can make it the same color for a more unified look,” she says.

While you can opt for the same shade for both, you can still achieve a cohesive look by pairing two colors that share proximity on the color wheel.

If you’re going for a bold color on the front door (think Sherwin-Williams Raucous Orange or Fabulous Grape), Rogers advises homeowners not to repeat the bold color on the garage door.

When it comes to her garage and front door color preferences, Rogers prefers the front to have an extrovert feel. Using a bolder hue to inject a dose of personality into your curb appeal can be an effective way to make your home stand out on the block. But perhaps most importantly, keeping impact color to a minimum can help with maintenance as well.

Be aware of being too gentle

If you’ve decided to mix your front doors and garage doors color schemes, but feel a subtle difference in hue is the way to go, Wadden advises against it. she says. “It’s harder to distinguish subtle color changes from more distant locations.”

To ensure enough distinction between the two, Wadden says to provide color variations between trim, accents, and front door colors.

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