How to improve your social studies grades

How to improve your social studies grades

Social Science, one of the main subjects in the CBSE Class 10 syllabus, has an extensive curriculum. The syllabus of this course includes topics mainly from history, geography, political science, and economics. Although the subject is graded, many students find it difficult to cover the entire syllabus before the exam. Still, with proper tactics and practice through useful Social Science Class 10 study material, you can easily score more than 90 marks in this exam. Some important tips to improve your social studies grades.

The tips below will help you apply your Class 10 Social Studies exam preparation judiciously and effectively. Let’s have a look.

1. Time planning

It is of the utmost importance that you are careful with your time management and planning during your social studies exam preparation days. No matter how hard you have practiced the subject through NCERT Class 10 Social Science book or any other Class 10 Social Science study material, if you cannot allocate the given time effectively, all your hard words are in vain. So start allocating time to each topic right from the start of your preparation. This will help you manage your writing time in the exam hall smartly.

2. Analyze the syllabus

 None of these units is less important than the other. So spend your time proportionately on each of these units and practice them through a good class 10 social science study material.

3. Prepare your study plan wisely

You are supposed to burn the midnight oil when exams are near. Each student’s study time is different, some are night owls, and others are early birds. Although it is entirely up to you to fix your study time, whatever hour of the day you choose, make sure you are free from distractions and devote your efforts to the subject during those hours. Remember that time gone by will never come back, so plan this precious study time wisely.

4. Take notes

The Social Science subject in class 10 carries a lot of dates and events. So if you have short notes containing all these dates, events, definitions, etc., it would be much easier for you to use your exam preparation time accurately. Since you wouldn’t have much time to read every line in the book during the exam days, it would be good for you to appear confidently in the exam hall revising such notes along with a useful class 10 social science book.

5. Pay special attention to your diet

As part of the specialized preparation for the 10th-grade social studies exam, students tend to ignore a healthy diet. There are several reports that say that a healthy diet, good sleep (about 8 hours), and a relaxed mind end up with great results.

6. Avoid being a bookworm

Many students often start studying fervently for the board exams about a few months before D-day, and then there is no break! These days they study and stay with books almost constantly. Guys, this is not going to work well with your exam results. Study for 6-7 hours a day (even with intervals every few hours) on exam days, that’s enough. Spend the rest of your time doing activities that interest you, it could be playing outside, listening to music, exercising, meditating, cooking, or whatever you enjoy doing. Don’t forget to spend some time with your family as well, moral support on exam days is the biggest support and that’s something your family has in abundance. Right?

With all the above tips for studying and preparing to improve your social studies exam, we end this information by wishing you the best of luck!

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