How To Take Care Of Your Gold And Diamond Jewellery

How To Take Care Of Your Gold And Diamond Jewellery

Jewellery is one of the most appreciated and celebrated accessories that add to your charm and are a symbol of prosperity and confidence in any event. This makes it even more important to understand how to care for your precious gold and diamond jewellery and how to protect it so that it retains its shine and luster, as a little carelessness can make you pay a heavy price.

We bring you some tips on how to care for your gold and diamond jewellery so that your legacy shines for generations to come:


Diamonds are precious stones that can lose their luster and sparkle if you constantly touch them. This happens because the oils from your fingers transfer to the diamond and eventually dull it. Jewellery should be protected from heat, moisture, and harsh fragrances or chemicals.


It is strongly recommended to remove jewellery for any work that involves chemicals and sharp objects. It is also advisable to remove your jewellery before entering the pool or bathing with soap, as chlorine and soap are prone to negatively affecting metals and diamonds. Soap can create a film on diamonds that won’t come off with just washing, while bleach and sweat can dull the shine of diamonds and gemstones.


jewellery should always be worn last – after getting dressed and using cosmetics or hairspray, so that the jewellery does not get dirty and dirty. If using heavy makeup, make sure the make-up is dry before wearing the jewellery, and remember to remove accessories when working with different chemicals and solutions. Before styling or coloring your hair, remove your earrings to prevent them from getting caught on combs or brushes. Always remember to remove rings and bracelets at the manicurist.


Gently clean your jewellery with a soft cloth or the prescribed methods and solutions to remove any oil or dust trapped on the stones or between the metal details. A soft cloth is usually sufficient for gentle cleaning, but if the piece of jewellery requires intensive cleaning, make sure you use the prescribed and correct method. Don’t be too harsh on the set stones. Use only soft brushes as hard brushes can wear away the top layer of metals and reduce the luster of the gems. Gold bands can be cleaned in lukewarm water, but if the same gold is encrusted with precious stones or gems such as emeralds or onyx, prolonged storage in water can be harmful.


Store gold rings separately from other metal rings as they can easily scratch the gold. It is better to store gold jewellery separately. Wrapping the jewellery in soft tissues before storage is recommended to absorb any excess moisture and oils and prevent discoloration. Jewellery can be better maintained if it is stored in boxes with sponges or padding with separate sections. Keeping your jewellery properly is an essential step to ensure that your gemstones or diamonds are not unnecessarily scratched or chipped.


Whenever in doubt, seek professional advice rather than experiment. Excessive oil can cause the tips to loosen and you could lose some precious gems if you don’t check them regularly. It is necessary to make sure that the holder is intact. It is possible to carry out regular checks on your gold and diamond jewellery to ensure that it is in perfect condition. Follow the advice of the jeweller and do not hesitate to visit wherever necessary.

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