School entrance decoration ideas

Decoration ideas for the school entrance

Your students are about to walk through the doors of your school for the first time – how will you welcome them? These school entrance decoration ideas allow you to show off your teacher’s personality from day one. Plus, try this free app from Creative Teaching Press to help you create, organize, and share door layouts and bulletin boards in your classroom. Get ready for an incredible first impression!

Play with contrast

To add another dimension to your school entrance, block two contrasting shades of decoration on the walls. Go for a classic designer color look, or go for more vibrant colors if that’s more your style.

Upgrade your lighting

Your entrance is the first impression you make at your school, and lighting can play a big part in setting the scene. To make your entryway bright and welcoming, choose a fixture with plenty of light output and make sure it matches your space. 

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Add a large natural element

Bring an element of the outdoors right into your school’s entrance by adding a large vase of olive branches or dogwood to your entryway table decoration. In addition to being welcoming and warm, “the whole vignette is simple but full of drama.”

Create a cozy reading corner

Do you have any extra space under the stairs? Turn it into a cozy and creative reading corner. It’s the perfect invitation to sit back and relax as soon as you walk through the front doors of your school.

Create a staircase gallery wall

 Use them as a design opportunity to turn an often-overlooked wall space into a gallery of your school photos and artwork. 

Select Bold colors for the input section

Choosing the right colors won’t help organize your entryway, but it could distract visitors enough that they won’t notice any lingering clutter in the foyer. Plus, you walk into a color-coordinated space like this entryway with matching doors and a ceiling painted olive green.

Hang easy art

You don’t have to spend a fortune on art: Frame pieces of wallpaper or children’s artwork that are special to you.

Here are some school entrance decoration ideas hope you like these.

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