7 practical tips to help you buy another pair of shoes

7 practical tips to help you buy another pair of shoes

In this article, we will provide you with some practical tips to help you choose the right pair of shoes. In addition to the correct width, size, and cut, the quality of the material and workmanship are paramount. After all, you want to feel comfortable in your shoes. Now let’s look at the tips to buy another pair of shoes.

1. Consider the shape

First, make sure that the shape of the foot matches the shape of the shoe. In other words, the new shoe must have a good width and length. However, this rule does not apply to the heels, as they must be firmly supported. This is important if you want the shoes to fit firmly on your feet.

2. Consider Fit

According to experts, about 80% of people buy shoes that don’t fit properly. This is a high number because women tend to choose a pair that is too small. On the other hand, men choose a pair that is too big.

3. Consider the material

Ideally, the shoes must be made of a quality material such as soft leather. It should have enough space in all dimensions: length, width, and height. If your shoe feels like it’s rubbing, it’s a sign that it won’t fit you properly. The sign of a good pair is that it fits right away and there is no waiting time.

4. Pay attention to any bulges, hard areas, and seams

You should buy another pair of shoes also take a closer look at the inside to make sure there are no uncomfortable seams, hard areas, or bulges. Most manufacturers do not offload their branded shoes to keep costs down. Good manufacturers always hem their sneakers and connect large parts. The aim is to avoid edges and seams that are not necessary as they can restrict movement.

5. Consider the flexibility factor

If you have the right size and width, pay attention to the softness of the leather and the flexibility of the sole. Most people do not understand the difference between the softness of the padding and the flexibility of the sole. So it’s a good idea to do a “bend” test first.

6. Consider the anatomy

Ideally, shoes should be orthopedically and anatomically flat. They also allow your feet to move as naturally as possible. If you love high heels, you can choose a pair that allows your feet to move easily. 

7. Try on both feet

There may be a slight difference in size between the two feet. Right-handed people tend to have a dominant right leg, and this leg is larger than the left. The opposite is true for people who are left-handed.

Therefore, you should try both pairs. Additionally, shoes tend to get bigger and longer over time. As a result, shoe size may also change over time.

In short, if you follow these practical tips, it will be easier for you to reach for the best shoes.

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