Dyeing Fabrics Methods And Techniques

Dyeing Fabrics Methods And Techniques

The process of dyeing by applying dyes to loose fibers, threads, and fabrics is called fabric dyeing. It has been done for thousands of years and is still being experimented with in many different ways and good results have been achieved. Currently, Fabric Dyes, which is one of the biggest fabric dyeing brands, offers 3 different styles of it. These are; The bucket or sink method, the cooking method, and the washing method. 

1. The bucket or sink method

• This method of dyeing fabrics is done by filling a bucket or large container with water or closing a sink drain; so that it fills with water.

• If the operation is performed somewhere outside the sink; the cover should be spread so that water does not flow out.

• Before starting this fabric dyeing operation, fill the basin or ball with 60 C hot water as advised by the experts and dissolve the powdered fabric dye with hot water in another container.

• If the color is too light, you need to add a little more dye, but if it is too dark, you must add hot water.

• Pour the dissolved dye into the place where there is water and mix for a while.

• After all stains are removed, the object to be dyed is placed where the dye is by moistening it, and the water and dye are mixed for 10 minutes without a break.

• The fabric, which has been in the water for at least half an hour and usually an hour, is removed from the water when it is decided that it has the expected color.

• Then wash the fabric with warm water and a mild detergent; rinse and dry. After drying, your fabric will have the expected color.

2. The boiling method

Boiling is another method used for dyeing fabrics.

• A large pot in which the fabric can move easily is filled with water and this pot is placed on the stove. The stove is turned on and when the water starts to boil, the dye is added to the water.

• The object to be dyed is soaked and thrown into the water.

• The object to be dyed is moistened where the dye is; after being cleansed of all its stains. It is mixed for the first 10 minutes without a break.

Then wash the fabric with warm water and a mild detergent, rinse, and dry. After drying, your fabric will have the expected color.

3. Washing machine method

You can easily dye the fabric using the fabric dyeing method in the washing machine.

• The temperature level of the washing machine should be set to the highest level. Also, the time setting should be fixed so the machine runs for at least 30 minutes.

• Fabric dye is completely dissolved by mixing with hot water in a plastic pot. 1 teaspoon of detergent is added to it.

• In another pot; if cotton or linen is being dyed, the salt should be dissolved in 4 glasses of very hot water; and if dyeing silk or nylon, you need to mix (mix) a cup of vinegar and 2-4 glasses of hot water.

• First, the dye and then the vinegar and salt are poured into the detergent dispenser of the washing machine, and the washing machine should turn on.

• After stopping the machine, the dyed fabric will be washed once more with warm water and will be ready for use.

Producing fabric dyes

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