T-shirts – A Timeless Fashion Statement

T-shirts - A Timeless Fashion Statement

Customized t-shirts are the hottest fashion in town right now. Among the outfits, t-shirts for men and women are excellent because they are comfortable and long-lasting. They have a huge cool quotient that other garments like jeans and button-down shirts cannot match. Nowadays, there are different types of t-shirts available for all types of climates and occasions.

Why choose us?

Do you want custom t-shirts for your company? Are you asking yourself where can I find a reliable and quality t-shirt printer in Mumbai? Look no further because we have the best and most amazing designs for you. Print your desired design or image on custom t-shirts. We offer personalized and custom-made t-shirts at very affordable prices starting from Rs.199.

Discover the best shirt for men and women with extraordinary discounts on our website. Create a design and marketing message and have it printed at a very low cost. Give them as gifts to your clients or just let your staff wear them and they look trendy.

All you have to do is visit our website and choose the color and design. You can choose from thousands of designs that we already have in our store. If you want your artwork and slogan, just upload your design to our website. Then place your order and we will deliver it to you as quickly as possible.

We sell light t-shirts for 160-180 GSM, which are great for summer wear, as well as heavier and longer 180-200 GSM t-shirts. Our clients include top companies in Mumbai and all of our customers are very satisfied with the quality of work we have delivered, instantly at a lower cost than our competitors. We are the most reliable, quality t-shirt printer in Mumbai.

T-shirts are widely used for marketing

  • Custom designs can be easily created depending on the application.
  • T-shirts can be produced quickly and from a wide variety of materials using several different processes depending on cost and use.
  • Reordering can occur with high frequency whenever needed.
  • Lasts a long time and carries a message throughout its lifetime.

The types of materials we use

  1. Cotton – 100% cotton t-shirts include materials like combed cotton, super combed cotton, organic cotton, and several other types.
  2. Dry Fit – This material is mainly used for sports activities and dries quickly and you won’t sweat while exercising or running.
  3. Polyester cotton – This is a combination of synthetic fabrics with cotton.
  4. Polyester – This type of t-shirt is made entirely of synthetic fabrics and is not at all comfortable to wear.

If you want to impress, create a design and have it printed. We print t-shirts on state-of-the-art digital printers and also provide screen printing.

Printing techniques

  • Sublimation printing
  • Hot screen printing
  • Plastisol printing
  • Screen printing
  • Digital print
  • Embroidery print
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